Lucía Oliva Hennelly


Lucía was first exposed to community organizing and movement-building developing strategic trainings for young DREAMers with Marshall Ganz and the (former) New Organizing Institute in 2009. These experiences connected multiple dots for Lucía, who grew up wrestling with the contradictions between a working class U.S. upbringing and the palpable fallout of U.S. imperialism in her maternal family home, Guatemala. They also left her with an unwavering belief in human potential and an unshakeable longing for collective liberation. Since then, Lucía has been dedicated to supporting the movement for climate justice. Most recently, she trained hundreds of organizers and advocates through the Climate Advocacy Lab and in 2018, Lucía received the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship to develop Reconstitute Initiative. Lucía was born and raised on unceded Tewa lands in Santa Fe, NM, and she is now based at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, a Rinzai Zen training monastery in the Catskill Mountains.