María Poblet

Executive Director

María Poblet has roots in Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, and East Los Angeles, and learned community organizing in San Francisco’s mission district in the 90s. María was instrumental in building Causa Justa :: Just Cause, aggregating the power of 3 different neighborhood-based Latino and African American organizing groups into a single, multi-racial powerhouse in the SF Bay Area. As founding Executive Director, she led the organization in groundbreaking work building cross-racial solidarity against the displacement of immigrant and black communities. She helped build Bay Rising, the US Social Forums of 2007 & 2010, the Right to the City Alliance, the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, the California Working Families Party, and the US chapter of the World March of Women. María is grateful to have been trained by June Jordan, Bill Sorro, and Marta Harnecker.

Recommended Books