Steve Hughes

Strategist + Facilitator

Steve considers working people as his teachers. When he trains organizers he often recounts a piece of advice he got from a mentor in the labor movement: “just go talk to the workers.” He got his first taste of the power of political education when he organized an event called the Summer School for Union and Community Organizers as a student intern at the Washington State Labor Center. It was the heady days after the “Battle in Seattle” and he, like so many, caught a brief glimpse of the power it is possible for us to build. From there he went to work as a union organizer for seven years, and then to the Working Families Party, where he learned the craft of political organizing (i.e. elections, base-building, and alignment work). For family reasons, in 2014 he moved to Europe, where he continues his work with the WFP, and he has developed a number of European and transatlantic organizing projects as well. He feels his praxis as an organizer and strategist has grown in innumerable ways as a result of the GPP community, and he sees it as his role to support those who are building towards governing power in both the United States and Europe.

Recommended Books