GPP has supported state-level and national social justice infrastructure for more than 20 years. In 1993, Grassroots Policy Project started out as a small group of organizers with academic and policy experience who were determined to bridge the divide between progressive think tanks, and policy shops, on the one hand, and grassroots organizers and leaders, on the other. 

As we formed relationships with staff and leaders in statewide, regional and national organizing groups, we evolved into an unusual intermediary. We walk side-by-side with organizers and leaders as they struggle to make shifts in their organizing models, developing deep relationships.  

In 2019, after several decades under the leadership of Richard Healey and Sandra Hinson, María Poblet assumed the Executive Director role and GPP transferred our leadership, frameworks, resources and relationships to a new and growing team that is younger, more diverse and women-led. GPP’s new leadership is scaling up our efforts so we can be equal to the work ahead.