GPP’s programs are based on three core methodologies:  organizational accompaniment, building connective tissue between organizations, and strategic education.

  • We cultivate long-term partnerships with grassroots organizations. Our approach is inspired by the Latin American social movement concept of accompaniment. We walk alongside organizations, accompanying them on the high-stakes journey of advancing social change. We co-develop vision, analysis, and shared practices through training, agenda design, coaching and organizational development support.
  • We build connections across organizations and alliances, which creates critical infrastructure for a strong social movement. We create space for cross-organizational dialogue and co-thinking that helps people expand their perspective, identify shared strategic questions, and align towards shared goals. 
  • We conduct strategic education with experienced organizers. This integrates rigorous systems analysis with strategy to achieve transformational change. Our largest program, the Strategy College, reaches organizers across the country on an annual basis. We also tailor programs to specific organizations or movement sectors, such as our work in building the Feminist Organizing School.