Harmony Goldberg

Director of Praxis

Harmony has been providing political education and strategic facilitation for social movements in the United States for more than 25 years. She cut her teeth in California’s youth and student  movement in the 1990s, where she helped to found and lead SOUL, the School Of Unity and Liberation. Then, she worked closely with the domestic workers movement and other low-wage workers organizations as the workers center movement was coming into its own.  Harmony completed her PhD in Cultural Anthropology at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center, where her research focused on the promising forms of worker’s struggle and class politics that were emergent in domestic worker organizing in New York City.  At GPP, Harmony works closely with People’s Action, and she leads the development of strategic education programs. In each step of her political journey, Harmony has been driven by her family’s struggles with downward mobility and her standing rage at racial injustice, which have motivated her in her search for ways to build meaningful multi-racial class power in the United States. Harmony is grateful to be able to count Leith Mullings, David Harvey and the educators of the Movimiento Sem Terra’s Escola Nacional among her most formative teachers, and her thinking has been profoundly shaped by the work of Antonio Gramsci, Stuart Hall, WEB DuBois and Robin D.G. Kelley.  

Analysis by Harmony Goldberg

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